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Martin A. Skolnik, MAI


I Can Help With Your Property Tax Assessment Appeals!!




Did you just receive a real property tax assessment notice?  Is the value too high?


Are houses in your neighborhood selling for less this year than last year?


Are you planning to appeal your new tax assessment to the assessment office?


What is the value of your house?  Is the assessor right?  Or, is the assessor too high?


What documentation will you need to protest your new assessment?


What is the tax assessment appeal process?


Are you unsure how to proceed?


My name is Marty Skolnik and I can help you sort out these questions.  I am a former Assessor for the State of Maryland and the former Director of Real Property Tax for the District of Columbia .  I also hold the prestigious MAI appraisal designation from the Appraisal Institute, and I am a Licensed/General Certified real estate appraiser in Maryland , the District of Columbia , and Virginia .  I have been valuing real property for over thirty years and I can help you with your tax assessment appeal!!

 Although the tax appeal system is a bit different in Maryland and in the District of Columbia , there are similarities that I can help you with.  In both jurisdictions, you can meet with the assessor assigned to your property and discuss evidence that might lead to a reduction in your property taxes.  If this meeting is unsuccessful, you have the right to have your appeal be heard by an impartial Appeals Board and then, if you wish, to court. 

 The most compelling evidence to assist you with your appeal is a professional appraisal of your property.  That is where I can help…

 I offer a multi-level approach to helping you with your appeal of your tax assessment.  I offer a range of services to provide you with the support you will need to approach the assessor and/or the Appeals Board with the type of evidence they are looking for. 

 My services include:


Preparation of an appraisal of your property

If all you want is an idea of the value of your house, I can provide you with a basic appraisal of your property.  You might find that my appraisal indicates that your tax assessment is within a reasonable range and that you have no need to further appeal your tax assessment with the assessor.  But, this appraisal might also indicate that you have grounds to continue with your appeal.


bulletAn analysis of your tax assessment

The tax assessment analysis goes a step farther than just a basic appraisal and that is where my years of experience with tax assessment issues come in. 

I review the assessor’s worksheet and/or property card to ensure that the assessment office has properly described the physical features of your home. 

Where available, I also obtain a copy of sales data from the assessor to check their listing of sales and other market data for reasonableness. 

I produce a separate document with my tax assessment conclusions that I attach to the appraisal for the assessor to consider.

bulletMeeting with the Assessor and/or the local Appeals Board

If all you need is my appraisal and/or the analysis of your assessment, you may submit my report(s) as part of your appeal, whether you yourself have a discussion in-person with the assessor or the Board, an appeal over the telephone, or if you just want to submit your appeal in writing through the mail.

However, I can also attend the appeal meeting with you or in your place. Sometimes the property owner cannot take the time from work to attend the hearing – I offer to attend the hearing in your place; not as an attorney or legal representative but as the appraisal expert.  I will present my appraisal and tax assessment report to the assessor, answer his/her questions, and report back to you on the dialog.


bulletCourt preparation and appearance

Sometimes an appeal is not successful at either the informal discussion with the assessor or in front of the Appeals Board but the property owner still has a compelling case to be made in an attempt to obtain a reduction in its property tax assessment.  I can work with you and your attorney to provide expert appraisal testimony in court. 

The basic appraisal and tax analysis reports are the beginning point for this testimony, but the time necessary for the court preparation and appearance will vary based on property location, taxing jurisdiction, and the needs of your attorney.




























Fee Schedule for Residential Properties



Appraisal Fee

Fee for a Tax Assessment Analysis Report

Residences under $600,000



Residences between $600,000 and $1,000,000



Residences in excess of $1,000,000

Call for quote

Call for quote

Residential rental properties

Starting at $750, please call

Commercial properties

Starting at $1,500; please call

      (i.e., office condos, free-standing commercial buildings, etc.)

Specialty properties

Call for quote




Meeting with the Assessor:

Flat fee of $150.00
   (for up to a maximum of two hours)

Meeting with the Appeals Board:

Flat fee of $175.00
   (for up to a maximum of two hours)

Court preparation and appearance:

To be discussed in consultation with your attorney

 Notes to the Fee Schedule:

  1. The dollar amounts on which the fees are based refer to the original assessed value being appealed and are based on the complexity of the appraisal and tax analysis.  Some properties might require a slightly higher fee if it has unusual characteristics, excess land, significant deterioration, and the like.  These types of issues will be discussed with the property owner during the inspection on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Meetings of more than two hours (including drive time) will be billed hourly on a pro-rated basis.

  3. Fees are due and payable at the time of the property inspection (to be arranged with the property owner).

  4. Please call or email to discuss multi-family or non-residential properties (i.e., commercial, office, industrial, retail).

  5. Fees are slightly higher on the Eastern Shore, west of Frederick County, and Southern Maryland.

For further information on my background and appraisal credentials, please visit my website's homepage at, or click the navigation links to the left.

Please note that I cannot guarantee a successful property tax assessment appeal. I can assist you, the homeowner, in trying to attain the most appropriate tax assessment, but the final decision lies with the assessor, the Appeals Board, or the courts.  


Each jurisdiction has specific deadlines for filing your annual appeals. To have a hearing with the assessor, you must have filed an appeal of your tax assessment with your local jurisdiction!  

The District of Columbia has an April 1st(±) deadline, and the State of Maryland has a filing deadline on or around the first week in February each year.  

I would still be happy to prepare an appraisal for you of your property, but if you or your attorney has not yet filed an appeal, the local assessor will not hear your appeal.

So, if I can be of assistance to you in your property tax appeal…whether you need just a basic real estate appraisal so that you know if the assessor’s value is reasonable, or if you need further documentation, analysis and/or in-person expert appraisal testimony…please call me or send me an email and let’s talk about your case.

I can be contacted at:

Martin A. Skolnik, MAI   (Marty)

Skolnik Real Estate Consulting Services

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Office:   27 Woodholme Village Court
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To begin the appraisal process, please note the following:  


Signed contract with the property owner. A sample copy can be found by clicking this link; the final version will be sent to the property owner prior to the property inspection.


I will need a copy of the assessment notice.  Please email it (scanned and attach to an email), mail it, or fax it to my office.

bulletLetter of Authorization from the property owner.  Please click on the appropriate line, below, fill out the form with your authorized signature and email it (scanned and attach to an email), mail it, or fax it to my office:

If your property is in the District of Columbia, click this line

If your property is located in Maryland, click this line


Arrange an appointment to tour the property (some weekend inspection timeslots are available on a limited basis)


Payment of the appraisal fees at the time of the property inspection



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